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Built for Futures Traders

Fort Wealth Trading Company LLC was created specifically for the individual investor. Especially the ones that wish to control their own destinies. Many of this country’s Baby Boomers are starting to go into retirement. Baby Boomers worked tirelessly, for the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labors during the later half of their lives. These uncommon individuals are about to take the hands away from the institutions and will take over the focus on what they feel is best for them. Most of these forward thinking individuals want to have the “hands on the controls” of their accumulated wealth.

Fort Wealth was created with them in mind. The beginning traders as well as the more experienced ones will find a custom & comfortable vehicle to trade commodities thru, and a personable broker to speak with if they chose to have the benefits of a knowledgeable full service broker.

Fort Wealth is here to help all aspects of the individual investor. Who needs a hedge fund or mutual fund? Are they really interested in what you’re interested in? Can you do better then the supposed gurus of Wall Street?

Suppose you think that green energy, or the new home LED light bulbs for the home, is a wise investment. Does a mutual fund or hedge fund offer you the right vehicle to trade that new product or do you have to wait for them to catch up to what you see as a good investment?

We offer a series of programs designed to meet the needs of the online commodity trader.  Our brokers are experienced in a wide range of commodities trading techniques, technical and fundamental analysis, and agree that the the integrated trading platform will become increasingly important to wide range investors in the years to come.

Fort Wealth Trading Company isn't for everyone - but it could be exactly right for you.

Please call us and let us share our latest outlook!




Investors Please note: There is a risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options and foreign exchange products.  The lawyers tell us to say that much.  But we'll go even better.  Don't invest with money you can't afford to lose.  Don't invest if a loss could force you to lose your house, not be able to afford meals, etc. Use some sense.  Investing can and does involve risk.  In certain positions you can lose more than your original investment.  Your broker will explain this to you if you're not clear on what we're telling you here.

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