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History of Fort Wealth Trading Company

At Fort Wealth Trading, it’s all about teamwork!


JB Slear, the founder of the Fort Wealth Trading Company, has been in the stock and commodity business for over 15 years. Through his experience, he has learned that the most successful and satisfying trades are made with great teamwork. When the broker and the client share a mutual respect and understanding of one another, the best foundation for a successful team is formed. JB believes that the best financial decisions are made when the client has as much knowledge about the market and its “determining factors” as possible. That’s why Fort Wealth clients are always encouraged to ask questions, voice opinions, and join in discussions before making their next investment decision.

• JB has been a licensed stock broker since 1992 and a licensed commodities broker since 1994.

• JB has helped create several trading companies and has worked with some of the most creative, in our opinion, traders in the industry.

Although JB hosted many investment seminars while working for Refco LLC, you are more likely to remember him from the seminars and videos conducted and produced by Ken Roberts, the legendary commodity investment strategy teacher. Not only was JB the broker featured in Ken's seminars, but many of JB’s clients were interviewed on video as well.


You may also know JB in reference to his findings and insights that have been posted on thought-provoking websites such as Jim Sinclair’s, www.jsmineset.com  and George Ure’s, www.urbansurvival.com,  and the Dow Jones Newswire Services; proving, once again, that JB is not only very personable, but he is also very knowledgeable. His friendly, helpful nature and his years of experience have made him very popular with his clients throughout the years.


JB believes that any brokerage firm, in this computer age, can offer a sterile execution of trades. But, what really matters is how a broker and client work together. That's what sets Fort Wealth apart from all of the other firms. That, and friendly customer service. At Fort Wealth you’re not treated like “just another number”, you are recognized and respected as the most valuable team member.



Investors Please note: There is a risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options and foreign exchange products.  The lawyers tell us to say that much.  But we'll go even better.  Don't invest with money you can't afford to lose.  Don't invest if a loss could force you to lose your house, not be able to afford meals, etc. Use some sense.  Investing can and does involve risk.  In certain positions you can lose more than your original investment.  Your broker will explain this to you if you're not clear on what we're telling you here.

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